Visa to Japan

Please look at the list of the countries that have the visa exemption agreement with Japan. If your country is included in the list, you usually do not need to apply for an entry visa to Japan. If your country is not included in the list, you need to obtain a short-term stay visa ("tanki-shouyou visa" in Japanese) from the embassy of Japan in your country. 

Read carefully the Japanese visa guide provided by the ministry of foreign affairs. For entry into Japan, a VISA may be required for attendees from some countries. Please make sure whether you need to apply for a VISA or not by contacting the local Japanese consulate or embassy in your country or visiting the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan at:

Note: Please note GRET is not authorized to assist with the VISA process beyond providing the Notification of Acceptance Letter and Invitation Letter (after registration) issued by the GRET Committee Board. Should your application be denied, GRET Committee cannot change the decision of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will GRET Committee engage in discussion or correspondence with the MOFA or the Embassy of Japan on behalf of the applicant.  

Venue information

Kamakura Park Hotel ★★★★

If you want to visit kamakura city, kamakura park hotel is a great place to stay. The temple of bliss is located about 600 meters from the hotel. Famous scenic spots achievements home, rice village  battery park and long valley temple are very short distance to walk. The Riviera Zushi Marina is easily accessible from the hotel, as are the Sumiyoshi Shrine and the guangming temple. All the characteristic rooms are equipped with air conditioning, so that you can feel a more intimate and detailed experience. If you want to relax in your guest room after a busy day, a guest room bathroom with slippers, bathtub and hair dryer is a good choice. The hotel has a cafe where you can relax and enjoy the intimate service.  

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